Wednesday, December 29, 2010


 They really told Santa what they wanted this year.  Dylan wanted a dinosaur and legos.  Isaac wanted toys and everything.  Santa must have known (or it was sheer luck) that Dylan's grandma got him a dinosaur.  Dylan asked where it was after opening presents on Christmas morning.  Santa may or may not get a kid everything he asks for. 

 Then they mailed their letters.  They wrote them on the back of a menu b/c we forgot the other ones they wrote. 

 We found Jolyn and her family and friends there:) 
 It was cold, they had already gone glide skating and had been there a long time. 
 Her kids were cold and ready to go. 
 We could have gone to a midnight showing of a movie!  j/k  I had to go home to pack for my trip to Colorado for Martin's wedding, etc.  I did stay up past 5am.  I love gaving good friends and fun Christmassy things to do:)