Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Eve at Grandma Rebeck's

Here's take 1 of our Christmas photo, I actually like it the best out of all of the ones we took in a row:) 
 How did the adult table turn into the kid table?  lucky kiddos.

 It was a beautiful day, which we welcomed with finding something to do outside like orange wars and climbing fences.
 Then it was time to open presents!

 Dylan liked the dollar store items - I tell you people that!  they may only last for one day, but it doesn't clutter our play room so that's even better:)
 This is Jonathan's gift from Grandma (or Olivia's), it's magic!  Or so it appears on the infomercials:)
 a silly one

 We went home to sprinkle reindeer food before nap time. 

 I love Isaac's I'm DOOOOOOOONE face, he was so silly under those magic Christmas stars made with love.  I STILL don't know who made them, although I now have a hint.  They're made w/ real baker's twine, decorative brads, and some sort of splatter paint, and ink pads I think.  Like snowflakes, each one is different. 

That's all for now about my short shorts boy:) 

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Holly said...

Too cute, Tiff! I love all the pics! And I love how many houses you guys went to to celebrate Christmas with loved ones!