Friday, December 17, 2010

We missed Malia and Noah

I finally got my Malia and Noah back after their 3 weeks in Hawaii and CA. 
We wanted to do some crafts with them. 
 First we peeled crayons, broke them, and placed them in the mold while listening to/watching this year's Christmas Devotional.
 While they melted, we made gingerbread men and women and frames from crafts Abbey and Madison sent us last year and this year. 

 While I did the assembling of the strings and pictures, they played outside in the sand box. 
 They came in for a quick game of checkers and to open some more mail.  Our mail carrier, Sally, gave us a Christmas card back!  It was hand made too. 
 Then to get the kids back outside in the sunshine, we made some snow (also from Lacey.) 
 And colored with our Christmas trees we had just made! 

 I love when the kids all play on the swing set. 
Lunch time!  Steven marinated some chicken for us, but we went to dinner last night and are going to the church Christmas party then to Festivus tonight - so I made it for lunch with sweet potatos. 
 While that cooked, the kids 'helped' me clean the leaves out of the pool.  FINALLY a day warm enough for us to touch that water. 
 They climbed the orange tree too. 
 And they all dug in.  No plates - just forks.  Those didn't even last long.  It was finger food and community ranch dip.  Delicious! 
 They cleaned up a little then went to bed - and they really did go to bed!  No potty breaks, no wanting water, and no finding the cabinets in the bathroom reorganized!  We had a busy morning:) 

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