Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Program

Dylan and Isaac got dressed in the outfits I requested and fake smiled for me below the stars on our wreath.  Do you know who hung them there?  I don't, but I love those hand made Christmas stars - thank you somebody:) 
 Dylan's teachers, Ms. Prodey and Ms. Barbara
 Isaac's teacher and some of the girls in his class.  He didn't want me to leave him to take my seat. 
 This is the face my Dylan makes when he's excited/nervous/shy to see us being proud of him. 
 Malia came too, and sang this opening number with their combined classes. 

 Here's Isaac's fake smile again.  He forces the corners of his mouth into his cheeks. 
 He didn't cry, and he really sang! 

 Isaac got to sit with us while we watched the other classes.  Noah was at home because he had just gotten his brand new body cast on, poor baby. 
 Here is the twins' class.  Isaac will be in there soon. 
 Dylan's class.  He really sang too.

 Malia's class dressed up for theirs.  I am not including the pictures of the poor angel who puked. 

Then we went downtown St. Pete.

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Lindsay said...

What happened to Noah??!