Monday, January 3, 2011

A few of my favorite things

It's Monday.
The Monday after a long fun filled busy holiday season. 
It's a new year and time to think about being productive.
I find that if I'm happy, I'm productive. 
If something is bothering me, it's dissabling and I just want to eat chocolate and get fat. 
Time to think happy thoughts!

In my old office, I had an outdated rock wall to stare at while scaling subgingival calculus.  Now, I have a beautiful window, shelves I decorate with a healthy mix of dental educational things and family pictures.  My degrees, awards, and big mirror adorne the walls on the sides.  But get this, besides the Christmas cards from my patiets and snow flakes, look outside my window! 
 Here, I opened the shutters and zoomed in for you.  Do you see that accountant's office?  I watched as a painter came and painted that potted palm tree for me!  It sure seems like it's just for me anyway - right outside my window!  It's better in person - come in, I'll clean your teeth, and you can look at my beautiful view.  It makes me happy. 
 Another of my favorite things is my wall of Christmas cards.  It's the back of my kitchen cabinets.  Dylan said "do we really have that many friends?"  Yes we do.  Some are photos that I took which makes me even happier - that I was able to help with some of the Christmas snail mail greetings this year.  Isaac made me that first card in the lower left in his nursrey class.  Then they started spreading up and out until I had to layer the Christmas letters.  My favorite letter is the hand written one from Mr. Ham - my old math teacher from OHS. 
 Isaac enjoys napping in the car.  Sometimes I sit with him while Dylan plays basketball with Brent or while Dylan builds a snow man (sand man at the beach) with uncles and aunts. 
 Sometimes I talk on the phone while I'm in the car, but other times I cut snow flakes.  I like these $1 gloves that let me grab my big camera when it's cold outside or cut snowflakes. 
I also love looking out my bedroom window when I finally crawl into bed way after everybody else is asleep to find the pool and back yard lit up with bright moonlight.  That's one of my favorite things too.  

Time to stop daydreaming and time to go be productive!  I'm going to do a FAQs page for fishy face photography now. . .


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Kat Gille said...

Thank you, my sister! :) And thank you for getting the kids to sing to me this morning--that was such a fun way to wake up!