Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Crafts!!

I finally cut my first snowflake a week into December (on the 7th.)  That's pretty late for those of you who know me and my love for snowflakes. This year Dylan and Isaac can cut too - but can you tell which ones they did? 
12/3, we made sugar cookies.  They helped me roll them and cut them out. 
We also did glittery ornaments that day.  I had these ceramic-like things for a couple of years.  The boys painted the white glue on their own. 
 12/6 We did some gingerbread men ornaments (thank you Lacey).  Isaac couldn't wait to get back to work after a potty break. 
 We also peeled lots of crayons to make fun crayon Christmas trees to give as gifts!  I got the idea from a creative blogger who melted crayons in letter molds.  I wanted to mix colors because I had done this in cupcake pans when I was a kid and loved coloring with the big block of surprise colors.  I found the mold in the dollar section at Target (I had priced these and couldn't budget it, so I was sooo excited to find this and adapt it for a fun project!)
 My mom and cousin got us fake snow - this was our first experience with making it - amazingly fun!
 It's been cold here, so it really feels like Christmas!

 We watched Joy to the World, a DVD from our church.  And you can see some of our nativity scenes the boys put up. 
 Here is our first time cutting snowflakes.  Dylan wasn't as happy about cutting on the lines and would have rathered me just do it for him.  I get that a lot.  Isaac of course loves getting in there with his scissors. 
 But man was it worth it in the end for Dylan! 
 Here are THE first three:)  This makes me so happyÜ
 Dylan and Isaac got one another presents, and they were so cute sneaking around hiding them from each other. 
 We're keeping up with reading the Jesus stories from the Bible each night.  I like that I have a Gospel Art Picture Kit so I can have something for them to look at besides the flame.  We're also doing the nativity count down each morning.  Dylan is getting that we're counting down the days 'til Christmas.  He started asking "Is today Christmas?!" when I would mention something Christmassy we were going to do that day.  He gets it now though. 
 We wrote letters to Santa.  Dylan believes in him.  He wants to.  He started asking for the same thing he asked for last year - superheros and bad guys.  But now he knows that Santa has any toy he could ever want, so he doesn't know what to ask for.  He said "a dinosaur" then (when nudged) "legos."  Isaac wants every toy - all of the toys, because "that what Santa says." 
We've made other treats, but the first batch wasn't picture worthy, then the 2nd batch got eaten too quickly.  They're the snaps pretzels w/ kisses or rollos melted enough to shove an M&M down on them.  Delicious!  I gave them to the ladies we visit teach (for church.) 
I LOVE crafting, and I LOVE that my kids give me an excuse to do the simple projects:) 

I have more ideas and want to do them all.  We started one this evening at bedtime and I had to go borrow a cup of salt from out neighbors.  Can you guess the craft?  We were playing with play doh when I thought of it.


Lacey McKay said...

Um, I've had pretty much this exact post in my head today. Ha! I was going to write out a list of all of the crafts we've made, all the baking we've done, etc. We made snowflakes too, but we cheated. We used the Cricut! Hee! Hee!

Silly Gille's said...

so yalls card is too cute! very creative and just above a beyond impressive :)

you are such a creative mother. i love it and hope to be creative one day like you. ill have to get tips!

wish we lived closer to one another!