Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow Angels . . . in my living room

It all started when I got a package. 
 No it wasn't Dylan, but you should be able to guess what it is before Kat comments and tells you. 
Dylan fell in LOVE all over again with the popcorn packaging stuff - Lacey had sent some for him before, only that didn't make a huge blizzard like this package did. 
 I stepped in the other room to get my camera. 
 And he started crumbling the snow into little flakes.
How could I say no to this face?! 
 And this little follower? 
 Oh man, it got messy!
 But what a good snow angel Isaac made! 
His first!
 One wasn't enough for him. 
It took a LONG time to clean up, but it was so worth it:)
(and I love what I ordered - I might need to buy one or two for myself, and for others.)

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