Thursday, December 30, 2010

Family time

See these beautiful mountains?
They were the perfect backdrop to our family day in the park. 
Back last summer, the day after Stephen and Stepheni's wedding. 
 Martin planned the whole thing complete with hot dogs, waterballoon launchers, croquet, volleyball, and ice blocks.  He took my mom on his scooter to get some more supplies. 
 They started with grape catching contests.
 And we dumbly thought it was a good idea to take a family picture along the tree branch. 

 This is what happened.
 My wrist hyperextended, but luckily Kat let me borrow her wrist brace 'til it about a week later. 

 Here's Katy, I'm glad I got the chance to meet her before I they got married.  It's a nice bonus.  Luckily I like my other siblings-in-law, but it's dificult flying to their weddings not knowing them first.  I want to be best friends with ALL of them!  Now I have 6 of them - how cool is that!

 The waterballoon fights.

 Volleyball was fun!  It was a hot but not too hot day.  The grass was so soft.  Nobody wore shoes. 

 We left to go to visit our Grandma Millie. 
 We were clearly too much for her room, so we went outside to play scrabble. 

 Then we went to dinner. 

 Where Nana kept hinting about Martin and Katy getting married even though there had not been any official announcement or engagement at ALL. 
 You can't see Katy's red face, but I assure you it was:)  Nana is so silly!
I'm not going to have all of 2010 blogged by the new year, but this should help!

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Kat Gille said...

I love my family! :) And I STILL think the series of Mom ice-blocking into a full face-plant is hilarious--I've seen it a dozen times and still can't keep myself from laughing when I see it again.