Sunday, December 26, 2010

Martin & Katy are married!!!!!

The beautiful couple got married at the
Denver, Colorado temple
on 12 ♥ 21 ♥ 10
 I wanted the above pose, and the below one because my favorite picture from MY wedding was similar to this b/w one - except Katy's so tiny that she can't peek over Martin's shoulder.  Right after this, I took a step back, because I could tell I was interfering with the photographer.  I felt bad.  She was so good, and patient, and right there when she needed to be. 
 Anyway, after the beautiful wedding (where I didn't get a kleenex because I didn't anticipate the tears), we waited in the warmth for them to come out. 
 Then we waited by the temple doors.  Katy has a fun family - we blended well:) 

 We heard the doors open and were excited to see the new couple, Katy's mom was a good surprise too as she worked the catwalk:)
 HOORAY!  The newlyweds!
 Martin's groomsman put the first photo on facebook right away, what a good friend:) 
 "There is beauty all around"
Group Hug! 
 And the copycats (and my odd brother Matt)

 Aw, they took a minute to look back at me. What a busy fun morning:) 
 Here's my dad and his five kids. (And you know I'm in heels - why do I look so short?!  I have a tall family.)

 Here's martin's uncle, nana, and Don.
 Martin's new family
 Again, all 9 of us siblings were at the temple. Thanks mom and Don for making it possible!

 Hi Jonathan ~
 Sisters!  (We missed you Hollie)

 Then back to the waiting room to try to defrost their red cold hands. The family photos were done.

And they lived happily ever after:)
Don't worry, Katy's family, I'm giving them a CD so you can have these and more too:)  But I have FULL faith in Amber, so you'll have those later I'm sure - I can't wait!

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