Friday, December 17, 2010

Did you know that Steven is the World's Greatest Dad? Well he is!

Steven took us to Busch Gardens.  Bonnie bought my pass months ago and I hadn't used it again.  The kids got free passes this year (which will also work nest year!)  So Steven got a pass. 
We saw a really cool show.  It was possibly Dylan's favorite part.  He liked when the "jungle guys" flipped the girl from the audience.  I liked the juggling frog and these girls. 
I'm not a roller coaster person.  I haven't let the kids get out much because I've been so busy just keeping up with STUFF, so I wanted to take them somewhere outside where they could run, climb, get fresh air, and discover.  We saw lions,
swimming hippos,
took time for Dylan to be a tourist,
and the kids got to take turns being held by their daddy. 
We also saw the primates,
who posed for pictures
but then showed that they're really wild animals who like to climb.
A friendly person asked if we wanted our picture taken as a family- why sure!
These kids love their daddy so much and were so happy:)
We saw tigers,
up close and personal!
How cool is this! 
So cool that we waited in line (nice Dylan) to do it again. 

We went to climb some more. 

See this little tunnel room?  I crawled in and
asked for some kisses.  Don't look up my nose, look at their CUTE profiles:)
Isaac wasn't so sure about letting go.
So like a good daddy monkey, Steven volunteered to carry him in. 
AND right back out. 

Steven's favorite part is the aviary where he gets to feed the birds. 
He's so happy:)

I would have been fine on my side of the camera, but it's also good to participate in the memory making with the kids. 
I did it.  Now I can check that off my list.  Dylan and Isaac still need to take turns holding the nectar, so we'll be back I'm sure.
They love laughing when the birds bite their daddy (who repeatedly taunts the birds for Isaac.)
Big Bird was walking away from Isaac who was so sad that he wouldn't come back.  Isaac's little feelings were hurt that he couldn't hear Isaac. 
But Big Bird came back!!!
Isaac was sooo happy:) 
The kids rode a kiddy ride. 
But let me tell you about Isaac's FIRST ROLLER COASTER RIDE!!!  I thought Isaac would be too short to go on, so when he and Steven walked back to the line, I thought nothing of it, but when they didn't come back - I felt like such a bad mom!  Isaac would be scared! 
We had to buy the picture.  I'm so sorry Isaac! 
(The Big Bird came back after this ride these pics are out of order - so Isaac is ok.)
 Dylan had gone with Jake before and didn't like it - but because we made such a big deal about Isaac being brave, Dylan wanted to give it another try.  He did it, then did it again - 2x in a row!  He likes it!!
 So because it was his first one that he enjoyed, here's his picture.  He likes talking about how his hair was flying:) 
they slept on the way home.  It's not like me to not take pics of that.  Oh well - we love our World's Greatest Dad! 

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The Stevens said...

We love Busch Gardens. It looks like you guys had so much fun. I wish we could've made it that day.