Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Hanukkah!

We started the day out with moving a wise man to our advent nativity scene.  I guess Dylan will get to do the odd days.  Lindsay came over so I could go to my MRI sans kids.  We took her to lunch and got a gingerbread man.  I asked Dylan if he wanted an arm, leg, or head.  He replied "the tummy."  He got his wish (but didn't eat much of it b/c "it's too sugary.")  I love that kid. 
 Here's Ada.  She smiled lots and lots - but those pics are blurry. 
 That evening, we celebrated Hanukkah with the Szasz family.  I love Hanukkah!  Instead of Christmas day turning into a wrapping paper hurricane - their holiday is observed at the end of the day with much anticipation.  There is no rush.   
 Dylan got to light the candle - the first of the eight nights! 
 After the prayers (that they ALL know - impressive), they each get one gift.  Just one.  They also get gelt (milk delicious gold coins from Israel.)  Each of us got out own bag of coins!  Bonnie let Dylan and Isaac keep their dradles.  They did NOT want to leave, but it was time for me to go to Young Women (late.) 
 When I got back, the kids were still awake, so we did our own Christmas tradition.  I remember my parents getting out the huge Bible so we could read a different story about Jesus' life each night as we watched the tall candle burn down to the next mark.  The first day is from Luke. 
 It's about Jesus teaching in the temple while his mommy was worried for 3 days. 
 I think it's cute that they were still playing with their dradles. 
 I wondered if I would just tell the Bible stories, but they listened to the scriptures.  In fact, I read a chapter of the Book of Mormon (to get a head start on their Primary challenge for 2011) because the candle had not yet burned enough.  I remember my brothers staring at the fire and wanting to light it and blow it out, and "accidentally" blowing it out so they would get to do it all over again. 
My kids have that same wonder and a teeny bit of the sneakiness. 

So happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas time, and Happy Holidays! 

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Lindsay said...

I LOVE the candle. We have been reading the stories every night and totally looking forward to burning our candle to each notch. Thanks again for the candle.