Monday, December 27, 2010

Celebration Time!

Welcome to Martin and Katy's reception.
They had a party planner - perfection!  I'm sure I can find the name of theirs, and I have a friend here who does it - she plans our Church parties too. 
They used the country club's Christmas tree and decorated it with their engagement photos. 
Actually, I'll mention the luncheon at Buca de Bepo.  It was just the wedding party and immediate family.  That's still a pretty large group, but the perfect size for everybody to have a chance to toast the newlyweds.  I'll just show a couple of photos because it really was nice that it was just us - and it was intimate.  Their photographer was there, and she caught every fun little gesture and the tears of this emotional lunch. 
My poor mom has the last word, after so many touching stories of how Martin and Katy have touched out lives.  Thank you for this lunch, Mom and Don:)  I'll never forget it (or the other Italian Lady and the Tramp style lunches from my other siblings.  I like Don's traditions.)
After a quick nap and time enough to curl my hair, we went over to the reception (again, beautifully assembled and planned.)  Martin and Katy cut the cake when the family got their early. 
(And I left the lense I intended on using at the McCabe's home.  SO irritating after I carried that thing so carefully through the airports.  These are just for my own memories, so here you go.) 
Yes they both smashed it.  But you already knew that if you know them I'm sure.
Let me tell you about the spread.  I got to the candy first.  Here's a little side story.  See the bags with sparkely twisty ties?  Yes I took a to go bag.  I was thinking my kids would like the jelly bellies and Steven would like the peanut butter and goodness balls.  I wanted some of the chocolate covered fruits for myself, and I grabbed a wrapped Hershey's nugget for good measure.  On the flight back, I had the stash in my purse.  A gentleman asked me if I had any chocolate as I walked on the plane to find an empty seat in the back.  I hesitated, confused, but replied that I did.  The flight attendant then offered me the exit row seat - which is like flying first class on a Southwest flight:)  She told the other two guys that she'd give them a free drink if they could find her some chocolate.  I hope you didn't just read all of that, but I kinda like that side story because me and my tall boots were sooooo happy on that flight - all because of that Hershey's nugget.
The bride's maids went right to the hot chocolate bar.  It WAS amazing.  The hot chocolate, the chocolate covered mixing spoons, the cookies, flavored creamers, Isaac sized marshmallows (he likes the big ones), crunched candy canes, full candy canes, straw cookies, sprinkles, and of course, whipped cream. 
Perfect for the cold winter's night.
I missed Hollie Gille here, I have no clue if she likes hot chocolate, but we sure enjoyed our Cold Stone from Stephen and Stepheni's reception and the Rita's from their Florida reception:) 
There was also dinner, but I was pretty stuffed from the delicious lunch.  I did try it - and wish I had taken a to go box!  Ha. 
The receiving line lasted and lasted - the people kept coming!  The party planner suggested that the guests check their coats, sign the book, then get hot chocolate to sip while in line. 
It's so nice having family around.  I wanted to sit with them and visit, but I also couldn't sit still.  What a fun evening. 
This is a bit out of order/random, but Martin requested pumpkin pie for his groom's cake.  When he was wrestling in high school, he would have to pass on Grandma's pumpkin pies.  He was dedicated.  Now Jonathan has to pass, but Grandma makes them for Christmas so they just have to wait. 
Then it was time for their first dance. 

And the other sweet dances.

And then the party was officially started!
The boys got out and showed off their moves.  Jonathan got to do some of his break dancing, and they got the two moms out there too!  Fun fun fun.

Guess who caught the bouquet?????
My sister:)  Do you think she was excited?! 

AAAAAnd more dancing. 
My flash battery took a break for Jonathan's flares. 

My little brother and sister swing dancing/flipping. It's her fb profile picture:)
The bride's maids did a dramatic fun dance to be as fun as the groomsmen/brothers.
Do you see who's going to catch the garter?
Will - who met Martin on their missions in Mexico.

So you might think the party is about over,
but wait, there's more!
Uncle Jon and Nana were dancing with us too.
And so were we:) 

Ok, so it really was over.  But good thing I danced enough to not be too cold to see them off!  No coat needed for me:)
Aw, still so many guests to wish them an awesome life.

All done.

Except we STILL didn't want to leave.

Such a good vibe - that we stayed to help clean up.
And say our goodbyes.

Sisters!  Just missing Hollie and Katy. 

Here's how Martin and Katy can have their cake and eat it too - well, they left it for us - they can't possibly eat that whole rest of their top tier a year later, so we some people tasted the scrumptious home made masterpiece. 

Their Florida reception is tonight - a week later.  Everybody's welcome! 
They're a fun, beautiful couple:)

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Lori said...

OK, thanks! I totally felt like I was there! It was fun to read and see all about it!