Saturday, October 2, 2010

Utah Trip day 3 - the wedding!

I mentioned it before, but all 9 of my siblings were in the temple to see Stephen and Stepheni get sealed together tor time and eternity.  (Well, Jonathan was watching the kids for us - he hasn't been through the temple yet.)  I think we have good parents and have made some pretty good decisions! 
So, here comes the bride and groom! 

 First - the family pictures.  This is all immediate family and spouses and kids - with my mom's sister and some of her kids. 

 And just the 9 of us + Stepheni.

Once the lovely couple was done with us, I was still in the mood to take some pictures:) 
Meet my adorable nephew. 
 And my tall cousin who I only see every 8 years.  No really.  Stupid as that is, I saw her at a big Rebeck family reunion, then not again for 7 or 8 years at my wedding, then not 'til Stephen's wedding - which was right after our 8th anniversary.  I'm a bad cousin.  I didn't go to her wedding.  Sad. 
 Hollie was my photographer b/c I wanted some good ones of all of us kids.  Stephen was of course busy, so we did just the 5 of us. 

 I love this one. 
 There's Stephen!  With his sisters. 

 This will soon be my facebook profile picture I think.  Good job Hollie:) 

 I wanted to stay clear of the real photographer, but I couldn't help sneaking some quick snap shots of the happy couple. 

 Hi Hollie!  I'm jealous that my mom didn't take me w/ her to visit you today. 
I was picturing using this in a photo book where I could layer other photos on it.  I'm not doing that, but maybe Stephen and Stepheni could.  I like it:)

 We're really squinting here, but Hollie said she would take our picture, so I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity:)  Maybe we should have - oh well:)
 Then we went to the luncheon sponsored by my mom and Don.  They kept bringing in more tables and chairs because of all of the family and close friends!  Don started the round of toasts to the newlyweds. 

 Do you see the couple kissing back there amid the chaos?
 My white balance was off, so that's one reason I converted the photos from the dinner to b/w, but I had to leave this one.  Look how their colors coordinate. 
And I love her red hair. 
I'm so happy she's in our family now! 
 The residue. 
 This engagement photo is now hanging in their house - a thoughtful "thank you" from Stephen and Stepheni. 
Then we went home to get ready for the reception. 

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