Monday, October 18, 2010

Photo A Day

Lacey, my cousin,  is doing a Photo A Day (PAD) Challange and Blog Party/Rally/Link up thing on her blog, so I'll link to her here, you'll see.  You can do a PAD and link on her blog too if you want, it's open to anybody. 

 I JUST noticed it, and she's already on day 3. It just so happens that Isaac wanted to wear his yellow converse shoes today to school, and they happened to match his shirt, then he wanted a jacket, and it kinda matched, in a 2yr old sorta way. SO, like many random mornings, I had to take his picture, not knowing what I would do with it b/c there's no story. But thanks to Lacey, here's a reason!

And since Dylan was doing his own thing in the car, I took his pic too.  He hangs on anything and everything, including my boss's columns in her home, her granite counter tops, etc. 

I love Isaac's teacher and wanted a picture of him with her.  He didn't want it.  I only took one.  Thatls ok. 
Now back to editing cute baby Tristan's photos from today!  Maybe I'll link to Lacey's blog from my FFP blog too, we'll see. 


Lindsay said...

Love the converse!

The Cardines said...
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The Cardines said...

I like the Converse! Looks like Dylan should be a gymnast.