Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Photo A Day - spooning

I took this first one the day before Lacey started her PAD thingy on her blog
I was so surprised and had to go climb back down the stairs, push my camera to its limits while tripoding it against their dresser. 
Lacey actually got Dylan and Isaac the matching PJs.  They're a little small for the boys, but they don't care, and neither do I. 
I couldn't upload pics that night. 
That's ok, b/c Isaac climbed down and fell asleep with Dylan again the next night.
And the next, but I was too lazy to creep in with my camera the third night. 
This is from tonight. 
Lacey told me that she bought Abbey a big bed for when Madison is ready to move out of her crib.  She thinks it'll be sweet for her girls to share a bed.  Isaac has slept through the night every night since he discovered that Dylan didn't mind having company. 
Isn't it so sweet?!
Do you ever really sing that "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be" song?  I do.  I don't pick up my babies, but I do kiss their baby soft skin while I whisper the lyrics.  Of course only if they're really asleep:)


{K J B} said...

I was going to say maybe we should have a girl cousin's get away where we could hang out with our babies and each other, but then I thought that it would be nice to just hang out responsibility free too. Maybe any get together is wishful thinking due to schedules, money, etc. but I do wish for it a lot! Maybe more of us can make it to next years reunion and we can have a girls day? Or just stay up until all hours of the night - or all night! ahem - like Lacey and I did this year. =)It was SO fun getting to really "know" her and I love keeping in touch with blogs but it would be so awesome to actually hang out.

{K J B} said...

Oh! and I LOVE that they are sleeping by each other at night. It Is SO cute.

Lacey McKay said...

My ears are burning tonight! Cute pics Tiff! How many times do you think you typed my name tonight? Hee! Hee!

Julie, I think the three of us should put ourselves in charge of planning the reunion next year. It's time for our parents to pass the torch anyway. We need to make sure we schedule it when all of us can make it!

How did we all end up living so far away from each other? Ugh! Come back to Oklahoma!

Silly Gille's said...

now that is brotherly love! i love it!