Monday, October 4, 2010

T's To-Do-ToDays

I checked everything off of my to do list except for highlighting my hair.
Including but not limited to Sally Beauty Supply, a swim lesson, Lowes, the mall for our Christmas card outfits (I still want yellow heels or maybe just yellow jewelry, and yellow converse for Isaac), oil changed, pictures of my kids, veggie quesadillas, sending out new client forms, and delivering a print order.  I didn't put running on my list and I'm kind of regretting that.  I made desert instead. 
I have a long term to do list too.  It's mostly done except for things that have to do w/ my old computer or w/ a printer. 

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

Tiffany! I have awesome mustard yellow pumps. Amazing. They would be big on you, however, it probably wouldn't matter. Feel free to try them on.