Saturday, October 2, 2010

Conference Bingo

{click here} for the new conference website for my church,
The Church of
Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints
Isaac: "Mom, that guy say hands!" 
Me: "I don't see a picture for hands on your sheet, keep listening."
[they are listening for the key words for their conference bingo sheets- I added two squares for "obey" and "church" because I agreed with my kids that they should get smarties for those words too.]
Dylan: "He said missionaries!  He said it again! MISSIONARIES!"
Isaac: [watching his brother stack one and eat one.  Isaac watches and just eats]
Isaac: "That guy say soccer ball!!!"
(a female is talking about her 4 year old grandson's soccer game.) Isaac is calling her a guy for some reason.) I LOVE that she is talking about the victory tunnel like we do for the kids after their games.  Speaking of which, these pics are from Dylan's game last night:

 one of Dylan's two goals: dribble dribble kick!
 high fives!

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