Friday, October 15, 2010


i was working on one project for work - our holiday card, and couldn't upload the options b/c i'm out of google photo storage. 

so i loaded the dish washer. 

now i want to blog baby Shaylyn's 1st birthday party and started, but i'm out of storage!  i really use this google storage - so worth the money!  so i paid, but it takes like 24 hours to upload.  dang!  so i'm still blogging.  but you just wish you had the last 2 min of your life back. sorry:)

oh, and i want to blog my adorable baby boys in their Batman PJs, they're snuggled up on one bed together, for the 2nd night in a row.  i have pictures, but again - out of dang storage, so maybe i'll find time to illustrate later.  or come spend the night over here so you can see for yourself!  you out-of-towners are always welcome!

oh, and I have been feeling very greatful lately, but it's October.  Next month is the Thanksgiving month.  This happened last year too.  I think I'll go ahead and spread my grattitude early.  I'm thankful for you!  (Any friends/readers.)  And I'm sooo thankful for work, and that Steven has a new job that he loves, and that my mom called and asked ME if she could babysit, and that Steven took Chili for a walk last night w/ the boys when I was at YW, and that friends are heating their swiming pools for me, and that it's still sunny and hot, and that a lot of people are coming through for me when I delegate and even when I don't. 

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