Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I could stay here all day. But we have to get to the pumpkin patch.

Dear Lacey,
I think I should just actually post pictures that I take.  My camera is usually close by. 
Maybe that's how your challange will help me:)  I'm not good at leaving much up to the imagination, and like to post lots and lots of pictures. 
I need to find something to make it my own.  Hummmmm . . . Maybe trying creative angles would help me.  The thing is, I'm still discovering and shooting entirely manual already, so I'm pretty much in the discovery/creative stage still.  You're so good that you need to find something to challange you:) 

Here are more pics from that day 1 Photo A Day. 

Dylan climbs everything whether appropriate or not. 
I usually let him unless somebody else is watching. 
Bonnie would have been nervous, seeing this, but she wouldn't mind.  She knows Dylan by now and has accidentally told me that my kids can do no wrong.  She loves us:)
 The natural light in her house is so beautiful!  In every single room!  I scooped the kids up from preschool and took them to Bonnie's house.  I packed a dinner for us and ate it at their table.  I opened the beautiful blinds and took some photos of my crazy messy eater.  
Marc entertained him. 

 And even cleaned him up for me:)
 Meanwhile, up in Jake's room, Jake was teaching Dylan Cena how to create and practice signature wrestling moves.  Dylan incorporated his head stand-stay-spin tricks. 
 Marc called my cell phone from out on their dock.  We had to go look at his blow fish he had just caught.  (We borrowed his fishing pole for a picture you'll see in December.) 
I am so in love with their back yard's evening lighting.  Do you remember our last year's Christmas card photos?  They were taken on this dock, and of course docked at it too:)
 Remember the first PAD picture of Isaac in these shoes?  That's the only thing that was the same on him when I picked him up from preschool.  His clothes and crib sheet were in a bag for me.  There's something about sitting back and watching little boys discover things that I just LOVE.  Not to mention the colors in this picture. 

I'm smiling, can you tell?  (These are all SOOC.) 

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