Thursday, October 21, 2010

{after} story time at the library

My friend invited us to story time at the library. 
We haven't been since Isaac was a newborn.  
Anyway, no pics of story time, but my friend suggested that we go to a park right there.  And there was a skate park there!  AND it just so happens that I had 2 mini skate boards in my car from Tristan's photos shoot from last Monday.  So while the pretty girly girl went to the swings, my boys ran up the ramps!  It's fun being a mom to boys.  We went to the swings after, of course - where Dylan could climb to the tippy top!

 He was facing the other way, but the story board didn't work that way, so I flipped it. 


Lindsay said...

Oh Stop! Those are the cutest pictures EVER!!

The Stevens said...

I love these pictures. I need to take Dylan there sometime. He was just telling me yesterday he wants to play with Dylan and Isaac. Cute pics!