Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Quick - take a Pic!"

My cousin Julie thought of this play on Diego's "Click" for Lacey's daily photo challenge and I like it for today.  I let the boys make their own PB&Js, only I had them use honey instead of J.  Then when I made green smoothies, Isaac claimed not to like his.  So I let him add honey to it.  He still didn't drink it - but I did:)  I think he was full from his sandwich mess
See Keshia - I told you I had a similar picture but not as beautiful and much messier!

Then we washed the car.

I'm having a difficult time figuring out which blog to post from, this or my fishy face photography one.  Some days I'll do both.  I kind of feel like I'm nesting or something.  I have photo sessions coming up and am nervous about falling behind with family things, so I've been busy balancing home, business, work, correspondence/friends, (dental hygiene month stuff), and church.  I'd like to have a reason to go running, but other than that I'm feeling pretty good:)  I'm so happy to have our own family photos taken (4 separate occasions and 3 cities) and now I just have to design that Christmas card and my office Christmas card.  I'm hoping to not be rushed this year and I'm excited!  Now I just need to do some more sessions to justify the cost of printing the hundreds of cards I want to send out! 

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