Saturday, October 2, 2010

Utah 2010 day 2 (way out of order, I know.)

On day one, Kat picked us up late at night - right from work (poor girl), we took my mom and Don to their hotel and Martin came to pick up JT.  I stayed w/ Kat.  Early the next morning, Kat took us to pick up the rental car, which was next to the Corner Bakery - yummy oatmeal, thanks to my parents:)  Then we drove around and around and around that little city before going to see my friend Cami at Nordstrom.  Then we went to buy some picnic supplies and headed to the park. 

 JT's flip.
 Look at Martin's froggy shaddow - my favorite part.
 My first time meeting Stephen's beautiful Stepheni! 
 Hi cute baby Marlow and Lindsey's bum. 

 4 Beckman siblings (on beautiful soft UT grass)
 They're all married now. 
 Nana was checking everybody's hair - so funny! 
 Some Beckmans - minus spouses.  If only Kat had some understanding bosses, we could have had real family pictures of ALL of us kids.
 Isn't my niece so cute!  From the front AND back:)
 Then, my mom went to the great salt lake w/ Don, JT, Mart, and Matt.  I went w/ the sisters to Ikea to buy some photography props.  Then we went to the church where Stephen and Stepheni's reception would be the next day.  We cut lots of fruit for the fruit kabobs. 
 We work well together. 

 Then Jonathan was at it again. 
 Martin's attempt.
 And my dad can't be shown up by some little punk kids, so he did his fair share at break dance moves too. 

 Martin tried showing Katy how to do some fall down twisty thing

Then it was time to go b/c the decorators were there. 
 We went to Wendy's for dinner b/c we were all starving and they had us cutting and assembling fruit for a while!  We went to Matt's Holly's sister's house for a game of ping pong or two before heading back up to SLC. 
Family is fun, and it was honestly nice not to have to worry about dragging my kids around and worrying about them missing their naps and having to feed them etc.  I knew they were in good hands w/ Steven.  But I wanted to skype them, but time zones don't make that easy. 

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