Monday, October 4, 2010

Tarzan - reinvented

Thanks to Uncle Andre, Dylan's Tarzan cosutme got a make over. 
 Andre had left over costume stuff and brought it over yesterday. 
Dylan LOVES it. 
We went over to Andre and Barbie's beautiful landscaping/home to take some photos with his vines. 
But you know what I realized.  Dylan doesn't want to be Tarzan for Halloween,
He wants to be his Uncle Andre! 

 He's happy being Tarzan too, of course. 
I wish this picture could sing/yell for you!

 Isaac wasn't as cooperative,
but he did insist on wearing the big gorilla costume that we have for Dylan. 
If you want to buy Andre's house, please let us still come over to swim and take pictures:) 
J/k, here's the link to his property.  No I'm not his realtor, but I keep taking pictures in his yard, so I may as well share the source with you!


Lacey McKay said...

Oh, I just asked on your other blog what Isaac was going as. Now I see! Cute!

Andre is selling his house? That's kinda sad after how much work he put into his backyard. Is he sad about it?

Do you think he would be insulted to hear that Dylan looks exactly like him in that wig? Ha!

Lacey McKay said...

Awesome pics by the way. AWESOME!!!!