Thursday, October 7, 2010

my hair (the long version, with tangents - just look at the pics)

After my last botched hair cut and highlights from the hair school, I swore I would do it myself next time. 
So I did.  I was nervous, but I watched a youtube video, which looked like what I had watched in the mirror every time I've had it done in the past.  Instead of wasting more time trying to find a better video, I went to Sally Beauty Supply and asked the lady what to buy.  She picked out two things plus some foils (I don't want the cap), and I decided I needed one of the stiff hair paint brushes too.  And why not get two nail polishes.  I spent less than $20 on those 6 items.  It was less than $10 for the hair stuff! 

Was I on to something,
or would I realize that I get what I pay for. . .

To change the subject for a bit, Dylan has been begging me to make his face look like the face on the left-over Halloween paint from last year.  I accidentally said "after your nap tomorrow," and he remembered.  He was so excited 'til he took a look in the mirror - then he wanted it off before I could get the camera.  Of course I made him take pictures anyway. 
 Malia and Noah wanted some paint too.  They don't look as scary as Dylan.  Isaac said "I want that, but not today."  What a good way to get around peer pressure!  Seriously, Corrie and I were like "everybody is doing it, don't you want some balloons on your cheek or something?"  He did his little tough guy sideways look like he's better than I am with his remark.  I loved it.  He didn't want to partake, and he knew that I probably wouldn't pressure him again. 
 Back to me. 
So, I decided to go ahead and highlight my hair after the boys were in bed.  My patient the day before had told me that she used to highlight her hair all the time.  That gave me all the confidence I needed.  Until on Steven's way to bed when he told me that it was a bad idea.  Should I listen?  Yes, but I already bought the stuff, so I used it. 

Tangent time:
I thought about my T's To Do ToDays list from before and thought about my regret of not having actually written "read the scriptures" on it.  I thought about regretting not running too.  This morning, I woke up happy and relaxed.  I had nothing to do 'til noon, so I went down stairs with a crayon and did a to do list with my boys - picture style.  I drew a picture of notes, a stick figure kneeling in prayer, a big fat open book, a double stroller, a vine with a Tarzan, and papers and crayons.  We planned our morning! 
We started with an opening song, had a prayer, read about Nephi's bow breaking in the scriptures, illustrated it with a board book we have, took pictures of Tarzan on our vine in the back,

[bad lighting, but he didn't want his outfit on when i found the good light later]

shared a huge veggie omlet, Isaac colored on the coffee table, we cleaned that up, then we went running before the crews came over.  I did check my email a little in that time, but what a difference a little reflection/evaluation then planning can do!  My mom used to have "opening exercises" every morning when we were home schooled.  I'd like to incorporate some of that into our lives.  I do it in the car, but not at home.  Anyway, I couldn't believe that I was talking about a to do list that I had just made up on the fly without prioritizing.  So while I started to put foils in my hair, I finished listening to the October conference! I even listened to the RS and priesthood sessions!  It feels good:)  I didn't go to my dental conference for once because of a couple of reasons, one of which was that it overlapped my church conference which is free.  I should make it as much of a priority as as I have always made the dental hygiene conference which is over a hundred dollars (if I want any credits.)  I still feel guilty for not doing it all though. 

Back to me:
I put on my latex gloves I got from a dental rep last year at the convention.  And went to work.  I'm slow, so 45 minutes went by way too fast.  I was going to check after 20 min!  I pulled the foils out of the first side and  washed the individual hairs with water on a wash cloth.  I flipped my hair over and started on the other half.  But then I started thinking - what if the left side is still processing?  I yanked all of the foils out and ran stripping gloves and PJs all the way up the stairs to the shower to try to salvage my hair!  I couldn't wait to dry it to see how it looked.  It was fine!  So I went for round two.  I put more highlights in random places, and noticed only one spill-over area- sadly, near my natural part.  That's the only downfall so far though!  I can say that I did better than that student, and that's what I was going for.  Plus, it was so cheap!  If I don't like the way something is done, I either let it go, or do it myself.  Why didn't I think of this before?  It's good enough for me:)

Two after pics:

I'm sorry if you read all of that.  This IS my journal now days though.
 I hope you just looked at the pics:)


betsey said...

LOVE this post, because it is YOU! You make me smile in my heart. The hair looks great (as usual) and you are amazing! Lots of love for you sweet Tiffany!

Lindsay said...

Hey that looks really good and I REALLY lol'd when I saw the picture of Dylan and what his reaction was. Too dang funny! Okay, when I officially decide to dye my hair, you can be my hairdresser! :)(Because you don't already have enough going on)