Thursday, May 2, 2013

U-Pick Blueberries, our first experience

 I really wanted to go pick strawberries this year. But we missed our window. I found out that it was blueberry season next and jumped at the first opportunity. I asked Dylan's teacher and kept him out too. The sad thing, he was getting an award for honesty in front of the whole school that morning. So we planned on taking him to school, staying for the award assembly first thing in the morning, and surprising him by taking him to the farm.
Well, maybe it was bad karma for planning on letting him skip school b/c he puked in the middle of the night. Poor baby didn't even notice and slept right through it. I noticed when I went to check on him before I went to bed. I gave him a midnight bath. He didn't feel very good so I gave him a bowl. I hoped it was just acid reflux or some fluke. But he puked again twice or so. Steven was working from home since he was planning on going to the award ceramony at 9am. So Steven kept Dylan home to watch movies while Steven worked upstairs. I almost took Dylan with us since we didn't leave for a while but he puked when we were walking out the door.
 But that didn't stop me, I was bound and determined to go pick some blueberries!
 Tyler slept on the way there so was a little out of it. It was a cloudy gloomy day but my little farmer boys liked learning how the blueberries grow.
 This is my Yelp review that I gave with 4 of 5 stars:
Kids are welcome. It's a clean place with friendly owners. It's pretty expensive for picking my own berries though, it was a great experience other than the price. They weigh the berries WITH the bucket, not sure if it was zero-ed out or not. For two full buckets it was over $70. ($6.50/lb I think.) Delicious blueberries, but a little bit of sticker shock. I did love how the berries were tall enough for me to pick w/o bending over and plenty were low enough for my toddler and 5 yr old. The ground was wet yet not too muddy b/c there was mulch. They do take credit cards and let us stay past the designated "U pick" time. 
p.s. I only picked a portion of what I bought and I'm pretty sure they charged me the "they pick" price for all of them. Oh well, great experience for our first time other than that. I'll try another farm next season.
 So that about sums it up.
 We're only supposed to pick the blue ones. Try telling Tyler that. He did repeat "blue" but I'm not sure he knows that definition. He did pretty well. Isaac was really careful.

 Tyler ate some off of the ground, and fell some so his hands were mulchy. He was still tired, but that's good b/c he was a little slow.
The farm does get cheaper as the season goes on, but that was my only window of opportunity when I would have just my 3 kids. And even then I only had 2. I made blueberry cobbler and make smoothies with them still!

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