Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gymnastics for Isaac, we like it too!

We went to an open gym day after taking the kids to the doctor's for their well visits. It's just $5 each kid on Wednesday mornings. I didn't have quite enough cash but they let that slide since they do not take credit cards and we were late. They let Dylan participate even though he's too old b/c it was a regular school day so they wouldn't have to make exceptions for other kids. And I promised he wouldn't be crazy/pushy/scary to little babies.
 It was a turning point for Isaac b/c he was better than Dylan at some things and could show off to us up close.
 Dylan was most excited to get his hands on the rope in the corner. He had been waiting for weeks!
 Isaac does not get to jump in the foam pit in class so this was a special treat. Note the tiny bright green blurry blob behind Dylan - Tyler ran and ran and ran and ran all around that place!

 Isaac is still confused why he does not get to use the balance beams in class. He does not understand that it's just a girl thing. And the two black stick peiole in the back in front of the fallen Tyler are my good friends Ashton and her daughter Ellie. We moms talk while her kindergartner and Dylan play while our 2nd children had gymnastics class together. We're good friends now.

Tyler was trapped/still enough for a picture:) We really should go more often, I wish it were open for kids more.

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