Thursday, May 2, 2013

My little pitcher!

Dylan is on a coach pitch team. 
Isaac is on a Tee Ball team. 
Isaac's coach has pitched to the team from day one. 
Dylan's league has a machine that sling shots the balls to the kids. 
They let the kids pitch to one another and chose Dylan to pitch in the last game!! 
We invited Granddad and Dylan's teacher Ms. Wolcott too! They both came! 
Grandma was visiting church ladies. 
 Dylan scored here.

 We cheered like crazy:)

 Here he is! On the mound!
 I took a plastic jar for Tyler. It worked. It kept him from noticing that we were on the field by the parking lot. He collected rocks 'n stuff.
 Dylan's fans.

 Isaac paid attention a little, and took pictures, but not of Dylan:)
 Dylan earned the game ball!
He has two here, not sure why, I should ask him.
We love his teacher!!! I think Isaac should just skip kindergarten and go right to her class next year.

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