Monday, May 27, 2013

St. Patrick's Days

On Friday, Dylan's teacher let him and anybody who wanted to, bring in a leprechaun trap b/c the kids remembered it from Kindergarten. Of course Dylan was excited to participate. And I love using random things I've been hoarding for just such an occasion! 
We didn't have to do much re-decorating b/c my empty containers had green lids and designs! I had sparkely felt and random pom poms and Christmas bells still out with my craft stuff for some this reason. 
I love how Dylan wrote "Gold for sale. Only for Leprechauns." Isn't that the best sign/bate for a leprechaun!

Since Dylan's teacher is so fun, Isaac was excited to take his trap in to show Ms. Wolcott as well. 
 I love how the other kids swarmed around him to see his awesome trap.
 And I also love how festive Ms. Wolcott is!!
 The little guys and I went home for some green eggs and ham!

 I attempted to make green muffins using blue food coloring with a yellow cake mix. How can I have so many kitchen fails?!
 Here you can see some of the details of Isaac's trap. Steven drilled holes in the top of the snack container so we could make a swing for the leprechaun. He will go in to swing, the lid will be weighted down and close him inside then the bell will ring to notify us!
 Isaac spelled "Leperchaun" almost correctly by himself.
 Then on St. Patrick's Day, the boys wore green ties, ate new green eggs and ham, and we were off to church.

 We took some pictures with some festive friends after church. My skirt was green although it is not showing here.
 The tall guy is really Irish! and Charlie is just fun:)
 Sunday Nap Time :)

Monday night, we set up the traps since Dylan brought his trap home from school. And guess who we caught instead of a leprechaun! JINGLE BUDDY!!!! He wanted the gold!

 At first Isaac was confused, then a little jealous that his trap didn't work, but we told him that his had the warning bell, so that's why Jingle Buddy didn't go for it.
And that's our St. Patrick's Day festivities!

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