Saturday, May 18, 2013

Clearwater Beach

Last Monday we dropped Dylan and our car pool friend off at school then went to a Publix on the way to a park. While  I was unbuckling Tyler, Isaac informed me that he had no shoes. I was  looking around for the 3 kid carts, not seeing one, wondering how to sling up one kid or what I should do when my phone saved the day. Ashton said her husband got called into work and asked if we all wanted to go to his tower. It was. no brainer! The shoe problem was solved. We went home, got swim suits, and picked her up and went to the beach! 

Tyler fell asleep and randomly I had him in his infant seat, so I pushed him through the sand to free cabana umbrella! Ashton gets to use an umbrella because her husband knows the rental guy.
The kids dug a while then we went to the water. How convenient to just ask the Ashton's husband the life guard to watch Tyler for us! 
He woke up a little before we left. Confused.
He got just enough sandy to need a change. Into his cute swimsuit for the ride home! We went to Publix after getting Malia. Perfect! 

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