Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dylan's Primary Talk

I gave Dylan two choices of conference talk topics. He chose missionary work. I had him re-watch Neil A. Anderson's most recent talk, It's A Miracle, and take notes. I used those notes and wrote an outline.
He did well, was not nervous, but needed a microphone. 
Here is his talk later that evening. 
I did not prompt him. 
He talked about how conference is where we listen to prophets who teach us about the gospel and Jesus. One talk he liked was about Neil A. Anderson who is one of the 12 apostles. Then Dylan mentioned some things from his notes including the fact that the speaker told us that everybody can be a missionary by "doing what they can do." He talked about one thing that his uncle can do - break dancing, and how his uncle used that skill to do missionary work. Cute little talk:)
Here're some other pictures. Tyler was READY for the day! 
 But I made him wait, for others to get shoes on.
Which reminded him that he wanted his "ooh oohs," blanket, wa-tuh cup, and a granola bar.
And he got sleepy, he has a cold.
 Oh aren't my boys so cute. Dylan is helping Isaac with his tie. Isaac lost his suit coat in the car, it was on when he walked out of the house. His shirt is tucked in though!
Then I cleaned our pool while Tyler looked for june bugs. And Steven washed that sicky blanket of Tyler's. Yuck! Oh, Rose Ann Benson visited our ward today! And one of my young women advisers from when I was like 16 came to visit church too! 


Katy said...

Yes, your boys are extremely cute! Good job Dylan! And I love the picture of Tyler ready to leave :)

Aunt Kat said...

Oh my goodness, that talk was adorable. I love the explanations and the sly little smiles that the breakdancing story brought out of him. Such a good kid! And I think he looks a lot like you in this video!