Monday, April 29, 2013

Today i'm

Reaching back over my shoulder feeling my baby's hair. I'm at a light. Isaac is asking Tyler to say random silly words like water hose and stop sign and cupcake tree. The earnest sounds coming out of my kids' mouths are better than eating any desert. The giggles, inflection, annunciation, randomness. This is the best. Dylan will pitch for the first time tonight in the fourth inning. Steven and I are so excited!!

I love Tyler saying "boo boo" and "wah-tuh" for baby and water. Those are my favorites. I call him my baby boo I recently realized.

I got a little over 2 hours of sleep yet i feel awesome today and didn't think about that 'til now. I was productive with both my right and left brain to do lists.
Dylan pitched! His teacher Ms. Wolcott came and so did Don!
We cheered.
He sheepishly smiled.
We came home to watermelon then showered the boys. While I read Casper to them, the boys each found a hair brush and brushed my hair. I nursed Tyler to sleep then heated up leftovers for when Steven came home from winning his volleyball set. I tried getting Bailey to watch the kids so I could watch Steven but she had to turn in a math test by midnight. Oh well. Steven and I watched The Office and Parks And Rec then went to bed at the same time.

Tomorrow I plan on swimming with our kids and cleaning the leaves out of the pool. I need to buy Ivy and Malia new Swimsuits.
We swam. And did science experiments. And the kids made lots of messes. And I did buy Malia and Ivy new swimsuits. They'll try them out on Monday.

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