Friday, May 31, 2013

A perfect day for my boys

We planned on going to the Herritage Village on a Monday off. 
But it's closed on Mondays. We had called Don to see if he wanted to go, so we called to tell him it's closed and said we'd go to Walsingham Park for a bit while he got ready and we'd go to the Military Museum instead. 

We had to wait for him for his pass anyway. We waited at the cold park, had our picnic, talked to Don, and left for the Museum. It is closed on Mondays too. So we went to Don's. The boys loved it. 

 Feeding turtles with Granddad, jumping on the trampoline,
 and easy lizard catching. (They're slower in the cold.)

 Tyler was in a funny screaming phase. You had to be there.

 They also fished. They didn't want to leave!

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