Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tyler and his monkey[s]

 I love this season when our purple tree tosses purple around our yard like a flower girl for a bride.

 My friend Dori gave this blanket to Tyler. My mom gave him the sock monkey. And he has lots of other monkeys from the toy chest.

 He calls them his "ooh ooh"s, you know like "ooh ooh ee ee ah ah."
 He gives his monkeys sips of water.
 And can multitask.

 His default is to receive kisses instead of giving kisses. He lends his cheek. I love how he does it for his monkeys too.
 This one looks like he's using it for a phone. I have a caption contest on my Facebook page if you'd like to comment there/(click here).

 Steven was swimming with the boys after, another reason I love this season!

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