Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tyler's moody 18 month session

Sometimes re-creations don't work.
Reference THIS POST for what I was trying to sorta re-create.
Isaac's 18 month old pictures were when my camera was pretty new. I hit the "photoshoot" tag on my blog to find it and I had to sift through some pretty bad sessions! Good thing I barely charged or didn't back then! Not that these are better, they're all SOOC, so not cropped or clarified or anything.
Here's the story. When Isaac was 18 months old, he was moody. But that didn't stop my determination for a good photoshoot. I took him to a field AND to a park AND did outfit changes AND had heavy bulky props and another toddler.
Here is Isaac 3-1/2 years later. Still a bit moody. But he was hungry, cold, and at a park that had a playground in sight yet I was making him stomp around in a plain old field. I can't say that I blame him.
 And here's the 2013 version of a Feger 18 month old. Moody, but thankfully I know a few tricks to let him think that he's running the show. (Okay, he is.)

 And poor Dylan, Where did his shirt come from? It was brand new but I didn't buy a short sleeve button up shirt. It coordinated, so I thought, so I made him wear it. A spider man shirt would have been fine for these. I'm not framing them or anything.

 I love this little guy!
 But true to the original 18 month old trike session, the toddler was done... and outta here!
 I picked him up about 8 times to put him back by the tricycle. So on the 9th time running away, he was a little slower, and crying - which was good for the remake pics since that's what Isaac was doing!
 So we went to the playground.
 And the boys were not cold any more.

Sometimes you gotta let the babies do what they want to do, and that's the real 18 month old anyway.

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