Monday, May 20, 2013

Bye bye pier

We have been to the pier a handfull of times. To eat sweet potato fries with ranch on its roof, to have delicious paella at the Columbia, to fish from the sides, to run laps along the water, to get ripped off at the tiny aquarium, to swing dance under the stars, get grossed out by the pelicans, and for photo shoots. We always thought it could be better. There could be more events there, less t-shirt shops, and more fun. Oh well. It will be torn down in 7 days. Seems like a waste. 
We went toJonnie Reno's for dinner. Horrible service. We waited for a hostess. Waited for napkins. Waited a lot. They gave us a free brownie sundae which was scarfed down by greedy boys. 
It took so long the sun was almost down. 

We fed the pelicans for our last time. I love that the kids and Steven like it but will not miss the bird poo smell. 

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