Thursday, June 2, 2011

24 weeks pregnant

I've had a couple of requests for better belly photos than the Disney pictures, so here you go, Kat:) 
I emailed way too many back when I was pregnant w/ Dylan.  I'm still obsessed with my tummy, but figured my private file on my computer was good enough 'til I got 3 requests in a day. 
I crammed myself into my regular jeans (they used to NEED a belt to stay up but now the ends of my belt barely can touch! 
 So I used a scarf since my shirt is clearly too small.  I wanted a fitted shirt though since the purpose is to show my growth. 
 The boys don't need shirts.  I tried to get them into coordinating shorts, but gave up that potential battle.  As long as they're smiling, I'm happy.  They're actually overdue for a photo session of their own.  I didn't have recent quality photos to create a Father's Day card.  Their last session was the Easter one.  I just did a mini presentation on how photos help with family history.  I was supposed to talk about what to take photos of.  My answer was simple - everything!  I said firsts need to be captured, annual family photos need to be a priority, and up to date portraits of individuals are important since life is unpredictable.  And, of course, you never know when a photo gift would make the perfect gift, so take photos just in case - like if you need to make a photo book or something.  I just created 3 photo cards and a mini photo album.  It's so much fun! 

And here's the actual belly hanging out.  I wish I could have told myself how to better pose, but the boys were done and the self timer was good enough for the simple memory of the end of my 2nd trimester. 


Lindsay said...

You look awesome. I need to get some prego pictures up or people are going to start to wonder. I haven't done one post on pregoness!! You will be happy to know that my stomach is popping a bit more now. I am making sure to eat a lot of food so it will happen sooner. So you are in 3rd trimester now?? I can't remember then month that happens.

Kat Gille said...

Yay! So you got all of these with a tripod and timer??? Wow. Very impressive. And I love the boys' faces in all of them. Such cheesers with big personalities. :) I like your tummy! And I can't wait to meet the little guy in there! And thank you for putting your face in one of the photos. I get that the other ones are about focusing on your tummy, and they turned out great, but I'm glad you didn't cut off your head in all of them! :)