Monday, June 6, 2011

steven's birthday weekend

Steven's birthday is on a Sunday, but we started the celebration on Friday. Steven wanted to just relax, so we went to his brother's where Barbie and Andre surprised Steven with balloons, a banner, and a huge palm tree!  It's actually one of those palms that's 3 in one.  I'll show you once we plant it.  It's back by our pool where it looks sooo good now:)  The crews came too since it's their date night and they have a babysitter.  
 I'm wearing Corrie's dress and she's wearing a regular non-maternity dress.  It's fun to always be pregnant with her:)  She's due this month!! 
 We went to dinner on the beach - Sloppy Joes and left right before sunset.  Steven said we could watch it if it were my birthday. I had just broken the news to him that there was a Yoder's peanut butter cream pie waiting for him in Andre's fridge!  That thing is heavy. 
We hung out for a while then went to bed.  Steven's birthday continued in the morning at my mom's house.  Don had mentioned to Steven that for Father's Day, he would like this pesky resilient tree stump removed.  Steven accepted the challenge and started working before my mom and Don woke up that Saturday morning.  He had started the Thursday evening before and ran out of daylight.  My brothers and Don have all attempted to remove the dang thing, but each gave up after valiantly sweating.  Steven really did it!  Don and his saw zaw helped with the lower strong roots.   
Rita's Italian Ice wasn't open yet when we were done, so jumping in our pool was how we cooled off (and cleaned off).  Then we had sandwiches, naps, and went to dinner and Jonathan's graduation before seeing a late Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  Happy birthday month, my Steven.


Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday (belated of course) Steven.
Also, you and Corrie look awesome! I love the picture of you two and your bellies. I promise I have one, but just haven't posted pictures yet. I do feel the baby kicking like crazy, though! You are so good at celebrating! I need to do better! MIss you!

betsey said...

Happy Birthday, Steven! Sounds like a perfect day. Aren't we blessed to have such amazing men in our lives?

I love how Corrie looks just so beautiful. She is a gorgeous pregnant lady. And of course, this comment applies to you as well.