Monday, June 6, 2011

Uncle JT's Graduation

My littlest brother graduated from high school on Saturday night.  Here's a link to a couple of photos from the .  He's in #8 and #15. 
They didn't let him wear his lei, then it wasn't there after graduation.  That's irritating.  At least I took a photo of him at the Brazilian steak house where we celebrated before the ceremony.  (Thanks mom and Don!) 

 He's way in the front on the boy (blue) side fifth in line. 
 Here's his neighbor, the valedictorian, delivering her speech. 
 She and Jonathan shared a graduation party since their back yards have a gate that join them.

Here's the graduation announcement/party invite we made.
(It has 2 sides.)

And here he is waking across the stage.  Woo hoo!!!  That's my baby brother!!!

One of my youth graduated with him, Jaren was 2 people behind him.  He finally got his high school diploma a month after he got his AA degree.  Funny:)  There are only 3 youth from our church at their whole school.  When I was there, it was just me and my sister.  It's sad that the Gille name has walked the halls for the last time at that school.  At least Kat's soccer jersey is still framed up on the wall.  And somebody may have a wrestling reccord there.  Anyway, that's where I want Dylan, Isaac, and my other baby boy to go some day.  Congratulations to Jonathan, Jaren, Paige, Karen, and Sydney on your high school graduation! 

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