Sunday, June 12, 2011

My one and only summer goal - check!

I plan on thinking about what I want to accomplish this summer (and before this baby is born) but before really planning, my one and only goal was for Dylan to learn to ride a bike all by himself.  I want to be able to go for a run with the double stroller with 3 kids, so Dylan will need to be next to me on a bike.

He used his yellow bike with training wheels both touching the ground for 2 years now.  We raised them and had him practice switching which side can touch so he got used to switching his weight from side to side.  I talked about leaning into the turn so he doesn't fall over when the wrong side is touching.  I told him about balance instead of just steering so it was his idea to practice balancing on his scooter.  My dad had given me that idea too, but I thought they were so different it's like when somebody told me that snowboarding was just like wake boarding.  It's a board, but way different if you ask me.  It got Dylan thinking though, which gave him some confidence.  I was trying to locate some wrenches for Dylan's new training wheels in Don's garage when Dylan didn't want to wait any more.  He got his pads on (except for his elbow pads and his shirt). 
 I went around with him and he was going too fast - I'm out of shape! 
(Here's Isaac going down w/ no feet!)
 So I went in and asked my brother go go around with him.  They were laughing the whole time because Jonathan was hardly holding him at all!!
 Isaac took this picture, before Dylan yelled at me to stop.  I thought he wanted both of my hands on him instead of just one, but he wanted me to let go! 
 Here's Isaac on the bike.  I think next summer will be his year to go solo. 
My next goal is to have Isaac swim the length of the pool.  He refuses to roll over and float for more than the count of 3 and isn't quite strong enough to lift his head to take a breath.  He can hold his breath long enough to swim across the pool.  That's my next goal.  I plan on making a list tomorrow of a bunch of fun activities and goals to do with the kids this summer.  I'm also going to keep in mind the "work hard then play hard" concept so I'll incorporate school stuff and cleaning and nesting in there. 


Heather K said...

Congrats Dylan! That's a BIG accomplishment...I still remember the day I learned and it's liberating :) And definitely a proud parent moment!

Kat Gille said...

Awesome! Way to go, Dylan! It's good that Mom and Don live on a loop so you don't have to worry about cars coming by too fast. And I love that Dylan puts on knee pads and a helmet ... but not a shirt. I also love that you were running around trying to keep up with him in flip-flops and with a pregnant belly. I also love that Jonathan is around to help with things like that and defend his title as Favorite Uncle. I'm really excited that he'll be coming out here in a couple of months, but I'm sad that he won't also be there with you and your kids. I wish Florida and Utah were neighbors.