Monday, June 27, 2011

We're ready for you, baby Ivy Crew!
 We had one last get together before Corrie has a newborn to worry about.  We decided to have a couples diaper shower at a local Italian place downtown.  Everybody we invited came - 9 couples! 
It was a surprise for Corrie who thought she was going to Tiajuana Flats w/ her kids. 
 Here's the dipaer cake that Barbie and I made.  It kind of looked like a tornado hit it by the time I walked from my car to the restaurant carrying the gift bag too.  In the above photo you'll see the professional clean one that Stacy made.  She's a cake master!
So we're all ready for you, baby Ivy!!! Come today please:)

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betsey said...

Corrie looks fantastic! I can't believe she is 9 months pregnant, she looks so great! So, it's a girl and they are naming her Ivy? What a beautiful name! You are so blessed to have such great friends in Florida!