Monday, June 27, 2011

my jungle boys

I'd love to take my boys on photo shoots every month, but for a number of reasons, that can't happen.  Corrie's kids didn't come over, so I took the boys behind the grocery store by me.  At sunset, it has beautiful lighting.  I was going to take the kids to the park, but needed to go to the grocery store too, and thought why not try that spot instead!  The session didn't go that well because they aren't so into standing next to each other, and I was soooo hot out there!  I started feeling sick because of the humidity.  This is my favorite image from the morning.  Isaac is always picking weeds for me.  I put them behind my ears and in a tiny vase in my kitchen window. 
 Dylan sensed that I was irritated with them not wanting to sit on the dewey grass and not caring that there might be ants next to them, so he humored me with a smile.  He's so good at preventative care.  By that, I mean that once I told him to hang up his towel after the bath, he always does it!  Corrie must have trained him to put his trash in the trash and the dishes in the sink after meals, because he always does that too!  And when he sensed my begging them to give me real smiles, he did. 
 He sang to me too.  I wanted some pictures that could possibly go in the baby's nursery.  I want it to be a jungle theme with a Hawaiian twist.  I'm still looking for inspiration.  I'll paint the walls two tones of green and want to do a tiki man on one wall.  We bought a ceiling fan for the room yesterday. 
 After not too long, I let them just sit and eat watermelon. 

 Dylan wasn't going to eat any at first, so I took the first bite out of it.  Isaac, on the other hand, wanted the biggest piece and dug right in - as usual. 
 After the grocery store, they remembered that I had told them we were going to the park.  And since they were almost good sports, and I don't want them to hate photo sessions, I said we could go - but I needed something cold!  I got a frozen strawberry lemonade from McDonalds and got them ice cream cones.  I have been craving ice, ice water, frozen fruit w/ some juice poured over it, Slurpee's, anything w/ crushed ice, and popsicles.  McDonalds' lemonade isn't that great at all, but it hit the spot. 

 Yes  I had wipes to clean these cute dirt hands.  They played while I stayed in the shade, then after the swings, they were ready to go. 
So we'll see if I actually use any photos of their real Hawaii shirts in the nursery, but it's still good to have updated photos of my cuties.

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