Monday, June 27, 2011

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (not)

Steven was my photographer for a photo for which I've purposely been growing my tummy. 
It's nice and round now, so we went for the shot:) 
 He had the idea for me to really go under the pier and waited for the bird to be in the right location. 
 Of course we had our other babies with us.  They found two beached flopping fishies.  Our jungle man, Dylan, picked his up and threw it back,
 But Isaac only touched his then pointed at it. 
 Dylan threw them both in for us. 

Now this is probably what we should have been doing, picnicking in our Sunday best staying in the shade of umbrellas with our family and friends, just admiring the water, like the proper people in Georges Seurat's 1884 painting. 
 But what temptation!! 
 Isaac knows how to enjoy God's creations.  He punches back when the waves are rolling in with their Sabbath Day karma. 
I could go hang out at the beach every evening. I'm always in the mood for a beach picnic - and Steven had the idea to take us to the Reddington Beach Long Pier to show me where it was because I have a photo session there this evening. Of course I said yes!

Then we dug in one spot for coquina shells and watched them dig down in the sand.  We'll be back tonight:)


Silly Gille's said...

I cant wait to visit Florida and your family! I just wish we live closer. By the way, you are a gorgeous pregnant woman! The pictures are so good!

Kat Gille said...

I. Love. This. SUCH a good idea for a pregnancy shoot! (And such a good title/theme for a Sunday post at the pier!)

Where in the world did you get that perfect hat? I love how only one eye is showing in the first two pictures. And your sarong skirt is perfect both with the swimsuit top and with the pink shirt -- is that a maternity shirt with a cute saying on it? And way to go, photographer Steven!

It makes me happy that Dylan threw the fishies back. What ever happened to the little boy who hated getting his hands dirty? The action shot of the fling and the fish flying back into the water is really good timing. And is Isaac's body board really Superman? Awesome. :)