Monday, June 13, 2011


One of Dylan's best friends, Dylan, moved further away from us when we moved further away from them.  He was in preschool in the mornings and my kids take naps in the afternoons, so we didn't get together as much this last semester.  But last Friday, we made the trip down to see him. 
 We had fun at their pool. 
 Noah looks like he caught that, but he just held on while jumping in - still fun:)
Paige threw the football to each of the kids over and over and over. 
 Isaac perfected his cannon ball-belly flops.

 Blue skies, best friends, and lots of sunshine! 
 Here's cutie brave Shaylyn.  She didn't like to be confined to this thingy,
 She wanted to get to the deep end! 
 We coaxed her back with a Yoder's strawberry cream pie.  I got it for us when buying Steven's birthday pies:) 

The kids slept on the way home - yay for summer time!

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The Stevens said...

ok, I have to steal that picture of Dylan and Dylan jumping in, I love it!