Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Stuff

We have already had our last day of having Noah and Malia over until they get to stay home w/ their mom on maternity leave since she asked off work a little before her due date:(

We checked off freezer pops from our summer to do list!

We went to my cousin's 4 year old's birthday party and I found something else that should have been added to my list.

Rylee got to have the Polar Cup truck come to her party! Keri bought Polar Ice for all of the party guests!

Don got Steven a ladder ball set, so we've been having fun with that before and after jumping in the pool.

I KNOW he's showing off his tan lines. They usually go skinny dipping after the pool then it takes a while to get them out of the pool and into a towel. They do dolphin dives w/ their white tushies surfacing and they think they're the funniest things, laughing for us to see their moon-fish. I let Steven deal with it b/c it was only funny and cute the first time.

I haven't gotten a good video of it yet, but another thing we checked off the list was getting Isaac to take a breath by himself! He started doing it a couple of days ago when prompted, and now he does it on his own! He still has beautiful arms and kicks until the breath time - and he doggie paddles. I still want him to go across the pool by himself. Now he stays close to the edge and holds on if he gets nervous or looks for me and talks instead of swimming.

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Lindsay said...

How fun! Miss you guys!