Saturday, May 28, 2011

news from 5 months pregnant lady

Pregnancy update from my doctor:
~ My blood pressure is low (normal for me).
~ I'm gaining weight.
~ I need to take prenatal vitamins.
The end.

Unless I'm getting an ultrasound, these visits are all the same and I wish I could just check in via email so it didn't take up 2+ hours of my day.  (I do love and appreciate my busy doctor though so it's ok.) 

More interesting than that is the repeat pregnancy experience from last night. 
The kids were swimming in Uncle Andre's pool while we were there cooking dinner.  This reminded Andre of 3 years prior when we were at a Superbowl party (or some sport I wasn't watching) and the kids were playing around the pool.  Dylan fell in and I had to jump in - fully clothed to retrieve him.  (He was almost 2 years old.)  So last night, Andre, foreshadowing, commented right when the kids went in the pool that he can't wait to see me jump in after one of them fully clothed in my maternity clothes.  Sure enough, I had to put Isaac down in a puddle (his lip had stopped bleeding by that point from a regular kid accident on the steps) and jumped in and swam little Noah back to safety.  You see, Malia wanted Noah to go to the deep end ladder, but Noah didn't like being pulled then shoved and wanted to go swim to the other side.  He got upset, and started kinda crying.  I told Malia to let go and told Noah to go to the side.  Noah, too upset/stubborn, bobbed under then looked back at me crying.  I asked if he could put his head in and swim to the side.  He said no and bobbed under again.  Alright, Isaac to the puddle, me and my panel pants to the deep end.  Noah wasn't traumatized at all, just upset at his sister for a bit.

So it's kind of funny that the two times I've had to save a kid (post lifeguard career) were when I was fully clothed and fully pregnant.  Barbie took a photo.  They were all pointing and laughing at me.  If somebody else had been the designated kid watcher and had to jump in, I would have been pointing and laughing too.   Luckily Andre lives close because skinny Barbie doesn't have anything dry that would fit me. 

The kids continued to be crazy through dinner, and I took all 4 home to spend the night. 
3 yr olds on the top bed.
 5 yr olds on the bottom bed.
Also, I've been having fun with maternity sessions!  Click here to see my latest labor of love.  I seriously spent so much time with the couple then way more time going through all of the fun shots.  It's a large share, so comment on that post for me and tell me what you think:) 

I also did a maternity session for Corrie which is always fun because, like with our previous two pregnancies, I'm right behind her.  I really want to let my boys finger paint on my tummy too!  I'll be editing her session later. 

It's hot, so I'm less and less in the mood to go for a jog or bike ride.  I'm just riding the bike w/ the kids behind me about once/week now.  Instead of going out my front door to exercise, I go out the back door and hang out in the pool all day and/or evening.  It's the BEST - hiding back there with a big watermelon, my diving Isaac, and my flipping Dylan.

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