Monday, June 13, 2011

Isaacisms and Dylanisms

Isaac asked why Jesus never comes over to our house.  Dylan told him that God does - because his teacher at school told him that God is with us everywhere.  (Ms. Barbara)

When Dylan was finished praying, before it was Isaac's turn, I asked the restless Isaac if he could name anything from Dylan's prayer because I could tell that he wasn't paying attention.  Isaac affirmed that he did and when further questioned, replied "he said in the name of Jesus Christ, amen!"

When Isaac sings the articles of faith, he says "ornaments-es" instead of ordinances.

Isaac tells me that he loves our baby, as opposed to the baby or your (my) baby. 

Dylan is learning the difference between lying and being funny.  He's not good at it yet so he's getting to know the story of the boy who cried wolf.  Today, we thought he jumped in the pool before we told him he could (Steven was out there with them as they rode bikes around the pool deck until it was time to all jump in together.)  Dylan dumped a bucket of water on his head and looked like he had jumped in.  Steven didn't believe him and sent him to time out before Dylan could tell him about the bucket.  Earlier that morning, he had said that he had finished all of his cereal but he hadn't.  He dumped his cereal into Isaac's bowl.  It wasn't funny.  I think he sees others kid around at school or something then is brave enough to try it with us at home.  It doesn't work.  Poor Dylan cried because we weren't going to let him go swimming when it was time after all this evening.  When he told me about pouring the bucket on his own head and really not jumping in, he had to go tell Steven the truth.  Then he got to go swimming, but not until after the lectures from both of us.  I was happy to hear that Steven told him about the boy who cried wolf just like I had.  It's best when both parents are on the same page. 

Today, Dylan was excited about getting to go to his cousin Coby's house after church.  He colored his hand out at church just for Coby and gave it to him.  He and Isaac both drew their names on the backs of their papers.  I love the way they do their names. 

Isaac's song teacher in nursery, Sister Klemm, told me today that Isaac can spell his name and she asked him to sing his name song and he did it for her.  She's so good because she knew to ask him about it.  Luckily his and Dylan's names each have 5 letters, like the B-I-N-G-O song, so we use that for both. 

Noah started doing dances etc then asking "Was that cool?!!!" afterwards.  Now Isaac does that.  My favorite one was when he did a flip off of the side of the pool (more like a rolling dive kind of thing) but he did it where the ladder is.  He bumped his head on the ladder, came up holding his forehead and called across to me - "Was that cool?!!!" 

Dylan can flip on the trampoline and land on his back/rear and can do it into the pool too.  Yes it is cool. 

Dylan calls his marigolds he planted then grew at school then we planted, "miracles." 
(We still don't have any spectacular names for this 3rd boy yet.)

Dylan just said to Steven, "watch this, I'm going to flip off of the couch!" 
Steven had to stop him!  That would have been a hard landing!

Dylan just read 7 books in a row to me!  I hardly help him and make him sound out the words even though when he isn't trying he gets stuck on easy words like "can."  Here are the titles in the Scholastic series he just got:
I Like
I Can See
The Band

Here are the others we'll work on next:
We Are Painting
We Can Go
Can You See It?
We Like Fruit
My Cats

We also went swimming at South West Pool today.  Jonathan had Dylan swim the 25 meter swim test.  I swam some laps while they played in the cool water. 

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