Monday, April 18, 2011

Underwater Easter Egg Hunt

It's our 2nd year attending the St. Pete Beach Pool's underwater Easter egg hunt.  I called ahead to see if they were going to raffle off prizes again or needed sponsors because it's exactly the event that Fishy Face Photography should be involved in!  The director said that yes she still had my big banner and yes I could turn in a gift certificate that could be a prize for finding a golden egg.  Perfect!  You can imagine my dissapointment when the banner wasn't up for the 300+ people.  We had fun though. 

 The eggs aren't really underwater, but next year I think I'll go with a weight belt to get some underwater images. 
They have a zero depth area (that goes down like a beach) for the little kids, and the water is heated.  What good memories. 
 Lindsay and I might have been a bit more excited than our kids.  They stayed because it's free to stay and play after the two hunts are over. 

There are trinkets inside the eggs, no candy.  I love it.


Lindsay said...

That was so fun. Not the most flattering pics of me. You look cute though!! I think that Ada would have had more fun, but I think she was starting to get sick. She had a fever all day yesterday.

Tiffany said...

whatever, Mrs. Flat-tummy-at-17-weeks.

intrepid said...

Tiff--That is a LOT of eggs! And good thing there's no candy inside to dirty the pool. What happened to your banner though? Did they just forget??

Lindsay--Amen to what Tiff said! How in the world do you maintain a flat stomach until 4 months before your babies are born and then get it back a month after???

Kathryn said...

Oh dang. That last comment was from Kat, but looks like I'm signed into my work's google account. Sorry!