Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Saturday

We do the Easter Bunny stuff on Saturday.   The kids don't mind that it's a day early, and it leaves Sunday for the real Easter story and lets the day be MUCH less stressful. 

I stayed up late, then crashed on the couch. That was good because I had my little camera handy when Isaac got up out of bed to come down stairs. He remembered that it was Easter Saturday and that the Easter bunny had come, so he surprised me and came down with his Easter basket. I hadn't even tucked him in bed the night before because we had a babysitter for date night.

 Baskets/buckets and books in a row for Daddy, Uncle JT, Dylan, Isaac, and Baby Boy Feger
 Isaac's silly face.
 Dylan woke up next. 
 They got their first ever Cadbury eggs.  
Uncle JT came over.  Our parents were out of town for Lindsey's BYU graduation - yay Lindsey!!  So I figured Jonathan needed an Easter Saturday basket too.  Dylan picked out his book - a big pop up dino book. 
 He helped me hide the eggs in the front yard.  I'm not really into pretending a bunny does all of that. 

 I kind of wish we had done the egg hunt right when the kids got up because the lighting was much less harsh and the purple flowers from our tree on the green grass were so beautiful. 
  Dylan put his shirt on and we headed to their preschool and it's church's Easter Eggstravaganza!  It was free and much bigger than I had anticipated.  It was organized, had live churchy music (not sure what that's called, it wasn't what I would consider gospel music. . . )  We ate free hot dogs, could have had ice cream, cotton candy, done crafts, had BBQ, etc.  We got waters and snow cones. 
 They had like 4 bounce houses, maybe more. 
 Dylan didn't believe me that he had purple lips so I took a photo to show him right then.  The clown gave the kids stickers that read "Clowns bring laughter, but God brings joy."  It was a good wholesome event. 

 Then it was time for the egg hunt.  Chaos!  I tried staying outside of the ropes to let the kids go in on their own, but Isaac didn't pick up any eggs and I could picture him getting lost so I had to go in.  Dylan shared some eggs. 
 Our friends were there too!  It wasn't the easiest place to have a play date though since we all got there at different times and each have a handful of kids.  It was hot too.  We left.  I'm picturing pool parties this summer with all of these kids though! 
 Speaking of pool parties, we had our own!  We had smoothies, luau music, hot sunshine, warm pool, and fun in our own back yard. 
 We even did the limbo when the limbo song came on. 
 I love that Dylan can swim so well now.  Look at his funny swim cap and goggles. 

 He took a little break to be the lifeguard with me. 
 While Isaac got more and more brave.  He went from not wanting to push off of the steps holding my hand back to all out jumping in and swimming almost the whole width of the pool in one day! 
 He does a little hula dance then dives right in. 
 Dylan's tricks range to canon balls, back floats, getting things on the bottom, and swimming non-stop all over the pool. 
 Instead of a nap, we went to Publix.  We had a Wal-mart list too, but I was feeling like I needed a nap to rest my tummy.  When Steven said it would just be Publix, we went along to continue the family fun.  Isaac fell asleep in the car.  I was ready to stay in the car with him, but he woke up so we went in.  I WISH I had my camera with me.  Isaac fell asleep on Dylan's shoulder for the entire trip.  We had a lot to buy.  Dylan was such a good big brother.  I took a nap when we got home, but they didn't.  Steven fed them hot dogs and baked beans and they got to have another Hawaii party with tiki torches this time. 

Yay for Easter holidays with family, friends, and back yard fun:)

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