Sunday, April 3, 2011

♥ Kat and Preston are married! ♥

Last weekend I got to go be a part of my sister's big day.
Preston may be tall, but I think she can take him.  Look at her arm!
I actually noticed how cut it looked and had her flex for this one:)  
She had a real wedding photographer there, I couldn't help take some from a distance though throughout the weekend so here's my story. Let me start with the family dinner the night before her big day.  We ate at a buffet so the bride and groom's families could meet. 
Here's Stephen and his bride Stepheni, they took some of these photos (see if you can find me in any). 
I love these occassions to hang out with family and have fun . . .

. . . and catch up . . .
 Of course Don started the introductions. 

 Then we said good bye 'til the next day. 
I slept at Hollie's sister's house.  We borrowed Rachelle's car which had a tail light that needed fixing and needed a new windshield wiper, and it was pretty entertaining watching my brother and his wife fix them.  You had to be there.  This is my story, so I'm including this photo:) 
 Then I got to go hang out with Kat while she was a little stressed.  She didn't show it, but my mom informed me of the last minute things she didn't quite have time to do.  I ran to find daisys.  My mom ran some errands, Matt and Hollie helped with their GPS. And it all came together. 

Here's a tie shop where Lindsey and I found some perfect ties for the dads and brothers.  That was one thing on Kat's list that she didn't think she was going to be able to check off.  Perfect! 
Thanks for having to be at Nordstrom's so that you could help out, our sisters/family!
Then on to the next location for some more beautifucation. 
Of courst the mother-of-the-bride was there for reassurance. 
After they got some delicious Taco Bell for us, we went to see reception center for the last minute details.  Kat was all smiles as soon as she saw her fiance.
Well, except for the cake miscommunication. 
Kat did NOT order black ribbon on her cake.  She had only supplied the blue.  We were trying to decide if we liked it better with or without the black.  Thoughts?
You'll see later. 
So back in the bride's room, all of Kat's sisters, her mom, and even some nieces were Kat's little helpers. 

Then she just had to wait for her time to walk down the isle!  So exciting!
. . .

Here comes the bride!

Kat hadn't seen that our Grandpa Gille made it.  Lots of happy surprises of wonderful people.

My Aunt Pam took a picture of me with the bride.  Kat and I may be sisters, but could we look more different?  I already have the baby weight showing.  I was so happy for her.  I didn't think I'd tear up, but of course I did. 
Here's Aunt Pam:) 

And they lived HAPPILY ever after. 


betsey said...

Yeah for Kat and Preston! I love the picture where Preston is looking a little chocked up, you can tell he loves Kat! So happy that you got to go, Tiffy!

Marcie said...

They are so beautiful!!! Congratulations to your beautiful sister :) My favorite is the one of your mom hugging sweet... and then you notice the look of pure joy on your mother's face in the mirror... makes me tear up.

I also love, love, love the last one. Stunning photos!