Monday, April 4, 2011

Kat and Preston's reception

Kat was sooooo happy, and it showed:) 

 While they were outside taking pictures in the cold (to me it was cold), our Grandpa Gille slept.  I love that.  He used to sleep at his house when we would visit him.  He could sleep through  all of us cousins running around and around his house.  Now it's my nieces and nephews who were doing most of the running around. He's the same:)

 There was lots of silly picture taking going on now that everybody but me has a fancy phone. 

 Yes they're siblings, as if I had to tell you:)

 How fun, to have fun families. 

This is Dylan and Isaac's photo opportunity, and the Babcock kids' but they weren't there - we missed them.

(stolen from Lindsey's Facebook page) - siblings and spouses minus Babcocks and Steven

 Hollie's mom made us our matching maternity dresses.  They were perfect even though Kat couldn't tell any of us the exact color she wanted us in. 
 We ate dinner before the reception after the wedding, so we were content with the crepes they served for the lots and lots of people there. 
 She opted for only the blue ribbon, in case you were wondering from a previous post. 
It's beautiful!   If any of you remember MY wedding cake and the "flores naturales" on top which nearly ended up on the floor, you'll appreciate why I didn't think the black mattered one little bit:)  At least we can bond with our cake miscommunication stories:) 

 I have to mention that I really didn't think Kat would do the garter thing.  I thought she should have one though, to have something blue and something borrowed.  I made this garter for some church lesson on getting excited and preparing ourselves for marriage.  That was when I was 11 with Sister Reeves.  I made it by hand.  I found it in a box a while back, and the bow had a fake flower in it, they were really popular back then and came in a little bunch with wire stems.  The lace was yellowed and it looked old.  So I took the lace off, put a new ribbon on it, and bedazzled it with a piece of an old ear ring of mine.  I really thought it would be for her eyes only, but to my surprise, it went flying across the room and this little guy didn't know what to do with it:)  (It's upside down.) 
 So the reception was over.  It was time for Kat to change our of her dream wedding gown.  Her excitement didn't end there though.  She was now Mrs. Tilby! 
 Here's Linly, our cousin, with her bouquet she caught. 

 (That's cake on the windshield.) 
JUST MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!


Magnolia said...

What a neat post! Thank you for sharing!

Holly said...

Those are great pictures! I so wish I could have been there!

Paonia Pa said...

Excellent! Thank you SOOOOO much!